2021 Report: Organized Crime in Canada

This report provides an overview of the organized crime groups operating in Canada, the serious threats they pose, and the impacts they have on our communities.

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Highlights of the report

Over 2,600 Organized Crime Groups (OCGs) continue to contribute to the increasing number of fentanyl-related deaths, methamphetamine addiction, and firearms related violence.

There are common patterns among high-threat OCGs networks, such as outlaw motorcycle gangs and mafia-related ones. These include:

Street gangs use social media to encourage violence. They are also involved in most OCG-related public shootings and open acts of violence; putting innocent bystanders at risk.

OCGs move beyond their traditional bases of operations as they fight for control of distribution territories, which increases interprovincial violence.

There has been a rapid increase in OCGs involved in the opioid crisis. Their involvement includes the introduction of some emerging higher-risk opioids, such as:

Non-traditional OCGs also contribute to increased organized crime threats. These groups include cyber criminals, as well as those involved in money laundering.

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