Serious and Organized Crime in Canada

Serious and organized crime continues to be a threat to public safety. It contributes to thousands of deaths per year from overdoses related to illicit drugs and gang violence.

We're releasing this report publicly to raise awareness about the nature and extent of organized crime threats in Canada.

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Highlights of the report

More than 1850 organized crime groups are currently operating in Canada. Despite repeated law enforcement efforts, many have adapted to their changing environments.

These high-level threats:

Outlaw motorcycle gangs

Outlaw motorcycle gangs continue to be among the most prominent organized crime groups in Canada. They manage vast drug territories and take part in:

Traditional organized crime

Traditional organized crime networks take part in various criminal activities, including:

They maintain control of hundreds of businesses in many industries, including:

Criminal networks

Cocaine is still one of the most common criminal markets in Canada. Organized crime groups continue to work with Mexican and Columbian drug trafficking organizations. In 2019, there are more than 100 Canadian organized crime groups importing cocaine into Canada, or using Canada as a transit country to move cocaine to other markets.

At least 50 organized crime groups move chemicals used for making:

Higher-level organized crime groups may have almost unlimited access to chemicals and operate highly sophisticated and large-scale illicit underground labs.

Money laundering is a key activity for organized crime groups. One particular network has laundered hundreds of millions of dollars in proceeds of crime through:

Illegal gaming is one of the more lucrative markets for organized crime groups. It generates millions of dollars in revenue. The groups use this money to fund other criminal activities such as importing and trafficking drugs.

Street gangs

Street gangs take part in:

They pose a threat to public safety because:

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